What it is

Explore over 50 color options and pick the ones that match your mood!

Its lightweight, strengthening formula dries magically in less than a minute creating an elastic film that protects nails' health and retains their elasticity while the specially designed brush makes the application smooth and defined for a professional and flawless result, even when self-applied.

Combine with the other Seventeen STUDIO products and get an extra shiny, long-lasting result.  


  • Quick dry formula
  • Long-lasting result
  • Easy application


How to use

Apply the STUDIO 3-Step-Manicure and get perfect results!

STEP 1: Apply the Studio Priming Base that smooths nails surface and boosts their strength

STEP 2: Choose the STUDIO Rapid Dry Longlasting Color shade you prefer and apply two coats

STEP 3: Shield your manicure with the top coat STUDIO Rapid Dry Longlasting Color for extra shine and protection


Studio Priming Base

Long-lasting nail base

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Studio Rapid Shield Top Shine

Long-lasting top coat that dries fast.

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Nail Polish Remover - 200ml

Nail polish remover that also provides gentle care to your nails.

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