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  1. How can I buy Seventeen Cosmetics products?

    Seventeen Cosmetics products are available exclusively at selected cosmetic stores & their eshops - find them all here:

  2. Can I buy Seventeen Cosmetics products online?

    Unfortunately we do not have an online shop yet. Radiant Professional Makeup products are available exclusively at selected cosmetic stores & their eshops.

  3. How can I work for Seventeen Cosmetics?

    Thank you for your interest in working with us!

    You can send your CV on our email  with a recent foto of you and we will forward it to the corresponding department.

  4. Are Seventeen Cosmetics products Cruelty Free?

    We would like to confirm our "No animal testing" commitment. Our company never did and still does not test on animals.

    According to the latest European Cosmetics Legislation, which our company follows, animal testing of cosmetic products has been banned. Therefore, cosmetic products must comply with this prohibition.

    The tests done to ensure non-irritant products, the so called "patch tests" are being done in external, accredited by the authorities, laboratories to volunteers (humans).

    The same applies also for the efficacy tests performed to certify all claims listed on the products.

  5. Are Seventeen Cosmetics products Gluten Free?

    We would like to inform you that our products are gluten free. 

    However, we can not rule out the presence of traces of gluten. 

    If you have a specific allergy, we would advise you to check the ingredients of the product and contact your doctor to see if a product is suitable for your skin. 

    If you are interested in learning more about the ingredients of our products, please contact us at

  6. Why is my favorite product discontinued?

    Seventeen Cosmetics updates regularly its collections to keep up with fashion and latest trends.

    We advise you to visit a cosmetic store, and our makeup artist will help you find a new product suitable for you.

  7. How can I address the complaints department?

    For any complaints about Seventeen Cosmetics products you can contact us by email at

  8. What is the company's policy on providing samples to professionals?

    According to the existing company policy, it is not foreseen to provide samples to cosmetics professionals. For collaboration opportunities please contact the Marketing Department via the contact form.