98% Natural Massage Oil Nail Treatment

Nail care product that nourishes, smooths, and strengthens the nails.

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What it is

Use the 98% Natural Massage Oil Nail Treatment and prepare to see unbelievable changes in your nails! Make it a part of your routine and get the smoothest, most hydrated and strongest nails without any cuticles. Thanks to 10 carefully selected oils that are included in its formula, the 98% Natural Massage Oil Nail Treatment reinforces your nails and assists them in becoming healthy again, after all the environmental stressors and polish applications. The oils in its composition that work wonders are the following:  Sweet Almond Oil  Abyssinian oil  Argan oil  Babassu oil  Oat oil  Chaulmoogra oil  Baobab oil  Sunflower oil  Carrot oil  Organic Olive oil


  • Reinforces the structure of the nails
  • Helps distressed nails recover

How to use

Apply a sufficient amount of product on the nails and the area around them. Massage gently in circular motion until the 98% Natural Massage Oil Nail Treatment is absorbed. Wash and dry your hands carefully before applying a nail polish. - Before a manicure, to prepare the nails and soften the cuticles, before manicure, - As a daily treatment, when the nails are distressed, weak and brittle (usually due to chemical processes) - Over natural nails, to have a more pampered and healthy look


Special Base

Base polish that gives a smoother look to distressed or uneven nails.

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Calcium & Vitamin B Complex Base

Base polish that strengthens the nails while also working as a treatment and a protective filter.

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Shiny nail polish that lasts.

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