Special Base

Base polish that gives a smoother look to distressed or uneven nails.

7.90€ 12ml
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What it is

Apply the Special Base before your nail polish and see your nails instantly get a smoother look and become the perfect canvas for your favorite color. The oligo-elements that the Special Base contains make your nails more durable while also protecting them.


  • Strengthens the nails
  • Gives a smoother look to uneven nails

How to use

Apply the Special Base before your nail polish.



Shiny nail polish that lasts.

0.00€ 4.90€
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Fast Finish Extra Shine Top Coat

Top coat that helps your manicure dry faster and adds amazing shine.

0.00€ 7.90€
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Matt Finish

Matte effect top coat.

0.00€ 7.90€
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