Clear Skin Balancing & Moisturizing Tinted Cream

Your favorite Balancing & Moisturizing Cream, with a light tint!

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What it is

The Balancing & Moisturizing Tinted Cream is enriched with Tea Tree Oil and prevents the formation of acne while also covering any imperfections! Use the Balancing & Moisturizing Tinted Cream on a daily basis to balance your skin’s moisture level while eliminating shine and sebum excess, thanks to the micro sponges it contains. Enjoy your moisturized, deeply cleansed and matte complexion - with the perfect tint!


  • With Tea Tree Oil
  • Prevents the formation of acne
  • Light coverage of imperfections
Dermatologically tested
Dermatologically tested
Pro tip

For even better results, use it in combination with the rest of the Clear Skin product line.

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