Clear Skin Balancing & Moisturizing Tinted Cream

Your favorite Balancing & Moisturizing Cream, with a light tint!

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What it is

The Balancing & Moisturizing Tinted Cream is enriched with Tea Tree Oil and prevents the formation of acne while also covering any imperfections! Use the Balancing & Moisturizing Tinted Cream on a daily basis to balance your skin’s moisture level while eliminating shine and sebum excess, thanks to the micro sponges it contains. Enjoy your moisturized, deeply cleansed and matte complexion - with the perfect tint!


  • With Tea Tree Oil
  • Prevents the formation of acne
  • Light coverage of imperfections

How to use

Apply daily on cleansed skin avoiding the eye area.

Balancing & Moisturizing Cream can be used as a moisturizing cream or as a base for makeup.

Combine with the other CLEAR SKIN products for better results.

Dermatologically tested
Dermatologically tested
Clinically Tested
Clinically Tested
Pro tip

For even better results, use it in combination with the rest of the Clear Skin product line.

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