Fast Finish Extra Shine Top Coat

Top coat that helps your manicure dry faster and adds amazing shine.

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What it is

The Fast Finish Extra Shine Top Coat adds amazing shine to your manicure making it even more impressive! Apply one coat over your freshly done manicure or even over a manicure you’ve had for a few days to freshen it up – you can even apply a coat over your natural nails to make them look pampered. You will not believe how quickly the Fast Finish Extra Shine Top Coat dries!


  • Adds shine to your manicure
  • Fast-drying formula

How to use

Apply the Fast Finish Extra Shine Top Coat over your nail polish to lock the color and add shine.


Special Base

Base polish that gives a smoother look to distressed or uneven nails.

0.00€ 7.90€
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Calcium & Vitamin B Complex Base

Base polish that strengthens the nails while also working as a treatment and a protective filter.

0.00€ 7.90€
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Shiny nail polish that lasts.

0.00€ 4.90€
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