Delicate Nail Polish Remover - 100ml

Nail polish remover that pampers your nails with a combination of essential oils and vitamins.

What it is

The Delicate Nail Polish Remover contains a unique combination of essential oils and vitamins, such as Lavender extract, Argan oil and Vitamin E, that protects and nourishes your nails while removing nail polish perfectly. Available in 100 and 200ml.


  • Perfect color removal
  • Nourishes and protects your nails thanks to a combination of essential oils and vitamins.

How to use

Remove the nail polish from your nails using a piece of cotton soaked with the Delicate Nail Polish Remover.

Calcium & Vitamin B Complex Base

Base polish that strengthens the nails while also working as a treatment and a protective filter.


Shiny nail polish that lasts.

Fast Finish Extra Shine Top Coat

Top coat that helps your manicure dry faster and adds amazing shine.

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