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Whitening Cream

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What it is

Checkmate dark spots!

Enriched with natural whitening ingredients, Whitening Cream reduces hyperpigmentation caused by prolonged sun exposure and creates an even face and neck skin tone. With powerful antioxidant and hydrating properties, it reduces the reappearance of dark spots and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.



  • α-Arbutin: whitening properties
  • Turmeric root extract: dark spot discoloration
  • Vitamin C: antioxidant protection, radiance & brightening effect
  • Snail secretion filtrate: hydrating & regenerating properties

How to use

Do not apply before direct sun exposure.

Apply daily, day and night, on cleansed and toned face and neck.

Dermatologically tested
Dermatologically tested
Sun Protection SPF15
Sun Protection SPF15
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