Clear Skin Spot Control Compact Powder SPF 20

Compact matte powder

For oily, acne prone skin types


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What it is

Finally! Even, matte complexion without any effort!

Clear Skin Spot Control Compact Powder is clinically proven* to effectively eliminate skin imperfections offering an even, matte complexion, without clogging pores. It regulates sebum production and soothes irritations while offering sun protection with SPF20.


  • Tea Tree Oil: cleansing, antibacterial & soothing properties
  • MATIPURE™: matt effect
  • Salicylic Acid: sebum regulation, anti-inflammatory properties

How to use

Apply daily and reapply often to extend sun protection and/or to refresh your makeup.

Combine with the other CLEAR SKIN products for enhanced results.

Clinically Tested
Clinically Tested

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