The Stylist Waterproof

Waterproof mascara that gives your lashes volume and length.

What it is

Your favorite The Stylist mascara in its waterproof version - The Stylist Waterproof! Enjoy perfectly voluminous and long eyelashes even in the most ‘wet’ situations and let everyone wonder how you’re doing it. Απόλαυσε το τέλειο ακτινωτό αποτέλεσμα ακόμα και στις πιο ‘βρεγμένες’ καταστάσεις και άστους όλους να αναρωτιούνται πώς οι βλεφαρίδες σου παραμένουν αψεγάδιαστες. Your eyelashes will have irresistible volume and length while the elements of The Stylist Waterproof will pamper them.


  • Lashes with amazing length and volume
  • Specialized application brush
  • Carefully selected ingredients that pamper your lashes

How to use

Apply the mascara on your lashes. Re-apply as needed for a more dramatic look.

Ophthalmologically Tested
Ophthalmologically Tested
Gluten Free
Gluten Free

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