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What it is

Blush is everything when it comes to our makeup. Depending on whether you prefer a natural or a more extravagant tone, the choice of our blush defines the look we ‘re going for. 

Silky Blusher’s lustrous texture ensures that your blush application is even while keeping your skin hydrated. The pearls used in its composition generate a unique glow, making sure that even your simplest make up will be breathtaking, whether you choose a matte or a dewy finish.

The Silky Blusher creates a natural looking result that can last all day without losing any color richness.


  • Silky texture
  • Intense color

How to use

Apply the blush with repetitive, upward movements starting from your cheekbones.


Blush Brush

Blush application brush.

Illuminate & Contour Set

Full coverage powder that protects your skin from sun damage and dryness, suitable for all skin types.

Natural Velvet Longlasting Matte Foundation

Long-lasting foundation with a matte velvet finish that also protects the skin from UV damage with SPF20.

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