Purifying Foam Travel Size

Cleansing foam with Organic Olive Oil, Prickly Pear and Aloe Vera.

6.00€ 100ml
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What it is

Enjoy the smoothness of the Purifying Foam while thoroughly cleansing your skin from makeup residue, urban pollution and even sebum! The precious Prickly Pear extract of the foam balances the skin’s moisture without irritating the sensitive types and the combination of Organic Olive Oil and Aloe Vera leave your skin feeling dreamy soft and glowing. The Purifying Foam is so delicate, that even if it comes in contact with your eyes it won’t tingle so you can wash your face without any worries.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Doesn’t irritate the eyes
  • Contains Organic Olive Oil, Aloe Vera and Prickly Pear extracts

How to use

Apply day and night on your face, eyes and lips using upward circular movements.

Dermatologically tested
Dermatologically tested

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