What it is

Combine your seductive look and the pampering of your lips with the Lipstick Special!

Thanks to its softening ingredients, such as lanoline oil, the Lipstick Special hydrates your lips while you’re wearing your favorite color, which will be very easy to find in its endless color spectrum of matte and shiny shades.


  • Moisturizes your lips
  • Large color range

How to use

Apply the lipstick on your lips. For a more intense result, reapply as needed.


Matte Lasting Lipstick SPF15

Long-lasting matte lipstick

0.00€ 10.50€
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Supersmooth Waterproof Lipliner

Soft lip liner with an intense, waterproof result.

0.00€ 6.10€
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Longstay Lip Shaper Pencil

Soft lip liner that creates the perfect long-lasting shape for your lips.

0.00€ 4.70€
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