Brow Elegance All Day Precision Liner

Long-wear eyebrow pencil, perfect for precise application.

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What it is

We all envy those perfectly shaped eyebrows we see on models and are always wondering how to get the look! Finally, thanks to the Brow Elegance All Day Precision Liner, well shaped natural or intense eyebrows are as easy as can be. With Intense Color technology and and a powder-like feel, the Brow Elegance All Day Precision Liner shapes, fills and of course accentuates your eyebrows easily and with a long-lasting result, withstanding even the warmest temperatures. Along with its specialized blending brush that helps you get that perfect shade, your eyebrow game will always be on fleek. Τhe Brow Elegance All Day Precision Liner is ideal for any and all eyebrow techniques, and its flawlessly matte result lasts all day.


  • Easy to use application
  • With blending brush

How to use

First we shape, fill, or paint the eyebrows and then we blend and guide the color with the specialized blending brush.

Ophthalmologically Tested
Ophthalmologically Tested
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
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