Daily Cream SPF30 Travel Size

Day cream enriched with Pomegranate and Aloe Vera extracts and SPF30+.

8.50€ 25ml
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What it is

Apply the Daily Cream SPF30 in the morning, on its own or as a base for your foundation and enjoy your day, knowing that your skin will remain moisturized and fresh! Thanks to the Pomegranate and Aloe Vera extract, the Daily Cream SPF 30 moisturizes your skin without leaving any oily residue while also preventing the appearance of wrinkles and discolorations. Moreover, the SPF 30 filter of the cream offers a high protection against photoaging and absorbs the 97% of solar radiation. The Daily Cream SPF 30 will accompany you everywhere, in your shopping trip, in the office and even in the gym, as it is water-resistant too!


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • High photoaging protection (INFRARED + UVA + UVB)
  • Moisture without oil residue
  • Prevention of wrinkles and discolorations
  • Parabens Free
  • Dermatologically tested

How to use

Apply the cream before sun exposure. Re-apply it during the day, especially after sweating, swimming or wiping your face.


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