Limited Edition Multipalettes

Новинка Limited Edition Multipalettes

Five eyeshadows, one blush and on highlighter – Find all your Fall looks, from day to night, in the ultimate multi palettes.

Natural Browns Palette The Natural Browns multi palette is the perfect mixture between earthy beige and brown tones, with a matte or sparkly finish. Discover its endless combinations and complete your chic look with the blush and the highlighter.

Fantasy Palette Let your fantasy rule your makeup look and blend the warm tones of the Fantasy palette with its electric emerald and magenta shades. Add the blush and the highlighter of the palette and you’re good to go!

Cherry Plum Palette The Cherry Plum palette is romantic yet modern. Blend its dazzling plum shades for the ultimate Fall looks. The warm tones of the eyeshadows, of the blusher and the highlighter, create endless combinations that will you’re your every look to a whole new level.

  • Intense color
  • Multiple uses
  • Long-lasting result