The new trend for the blue shade fanatics!

Cover dark circles and imperfections with Concealer and choose a Foundation for a matte, even & velvety effect. For cheeks, choose an earthy matt blush and apply also on the crease of the eyes, in a parenthesis shape.

Light and Natural:
Well groomed natural eyebrows with the new powder. Εφαρμόστε νέα τεχνική «graphic eyes» στα μάτια, δημιουργώντας με μπλε μολύβι Apply the new “graphic eye” technique. With a blue eye pencil draw a banana shape on the crease of the eyes. Complete the look with blue mascara and choose a lipstick in a soft pink shade.

Give emphasis to the eyes by adding a line at the crease with the same eye pencil. Apply the new lipstick in blue shade.

For perfect lipstick application you can outline the shape of the lips using Concealer and a small special brush top and bottom.

Note: As your screen may not render colours accurately, try the product and obtain your own beauty guide at leading cosmetics stores.