SPRING - SUMMER 2017 Metal Touch

Cover up dark circles and imperfections with a Concealer and use a Foundation for smooth, matte velvety finish and long-lasting coverage. Apply a small quantity of Bronzing Powder all over your face for a slightly tanned look. Apply an earthy, matte blush on your cheeks, in a bracket shape.

Light and natural:
Well-shaped, bold brows. Apply our modern gray-lilac shadow along the mobile lid, and use the liquid Eye Liner to draw a cat-eye line. Wear a matte lipstick in a modern color.

Build the banana shape using the gray-lilac shadow. Add extra shine using the silver sparkling shadow to fill the upper mobile lid. Highlight the center of the lower lid. Wear an earthy matte lipstick.

Apply Bronzing Powder on your cleavage as well.

Match your makeup with our new lilac-pink nail polish from Studio 3 Step Professional System Collection!

Note: As your screen may not render colours accurately, try the product and obtain your own beauty guide at leading cosmetics stores.