Unaffected, natural beauty from morning till evening. Earthy shades for the most natural look!

Cover dark circles and imperfections with the Concealer and use a Foundation for an even, matte, velvety look.

For your cheeks, choose a matte blusher in an earthy shade.

Light and natural:
Well-defined, thin eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Use white pencil along the waterline to add light to your gaze. Apply a soft eye shadow base on the entire upper lid and a draw a smokey line along the lower lid. Spectacular, black eye lashes with as many mascara coats you wish. Natural lips with lipstick in a matte, earthy shade.

Draw a smokey line along the lower lid and also over the eye shadow base, fading well. Fill in lips with lipstick in a matte reddish brown shade.

Use a cotton swab to correct the co lor and soften the lip outline.

Top off your make up look with the new brown nail enamel of the Studio 3 Step Professional System!

Note: As your screen may not render colours accurately, try the product and obtain your own beauty guide at leading cosmetics stores.