SPRING - SUMMER 2017 Go Green

Cover up dark circles and imperfections with a Concealer and use a Foundation for smooth, matte velvety finish and long-lasting coverage. Bring out your facial features using Contouring & Strobing techniques..
Apply a matte salmon blush on your cheeks.

Light and natural:
Enhance your brows using a Concealer to define them. Use our new brown shadow to create an angle and draw a line along lower lashline.
Apply a brown mascara for extra volume and length. Fill the lips with our new shiny natural lip color.

Use a trendy green trendy shadow to create a Tiger Eye shape, leaving the mobile eye lid bare. Use a matte pink eyeshadow primer to fill. Wear our new lilac-pink shiny lipstick on your lips.

Match your makeup with our new SUPREME Collection trendy green nail polish!

Note: As your screen may not render colours accurately, try the product and obtain your own beauty guide at leading cosmetics stores.