Cat eyes are both super trendy and super irresistible! Bold lips and eyes for an ultra-feminine look.

Cover dark circles and imperfections with the Concealer and use a Foundation for an even, matte and velvety look.

For your cheeks, choose a matte blusher in an earthy shade and apply in a bracket shape with the special Blush Brush.

Light and natural:
Well-defined, thin eyebrows with a brow pencil. Using a purple eye pencil, coat the entire upper lid in a trendy cateye bracket shape, extending outwards.
Add volume and length to your lashes with a black mascara, coating only the upper lashes.
For your lips, both outline and fill in with a matte, natural shade.

Accentuate the cateye look with dark purple shade. Both outline and lipstick in a bold, dark matte shade.

Top off your make up look with the new light lilac-gray nail enamel!

Note: As your screen may not render colours accurately, try the product and obtain your own beauty guide at leading cosmetics stores.