Beauty Essentials

Small beauty tips and secrets to make you beautiful, every minute of the day, every day!

Comprehensive lip make-up

Start with a lip pencil to define the shape of your lips. Then, continue with the lipstick of your choice and complete your lip make-up with a gloss, to give your lips a brilliant shine.

Thin lips

If you have thin lips, you should avoid using very dark shades.

But if you are very fond of dark shades, make sure to use a lip gloss over your lipstick, as this will make your lips appear fuller and juicier.

To give your lips extra volume, apply some iridescent gloss to the centre of the lower lip. In this way your lips will appear plumper and fuller.

Highlight the color

To highlight and show off the color of your lipstick, apply concealer or make-up and some powder to your lips, prior to applying lipstick, as this will help neutralize the natural lip color and make the color of the lipstick more vivid. In this way, your lip make-up will last much longer and stay fresh-looking throughout the day.

Long-lasting wear

You can also use Super Smooth Lip Pencil to fill in the entire lip area and give your make-up long-lasting wear.