The Art of Beauty

Each new season, Seventeen creates and launches amazing new products and proposals for make-up that reflect the new trends of the season in fashion. It features products in one of the widest ranges of colors and offers each and every woman the opportunity to “play” with the colors and choose the ones that suit her best.

All Seventeen products contain advanced-technology ingredients of the highest-quality and are specially formulated to deliver perfect results, while offering skin gentle care and protection.

You can find Seventeen products in all leading cosmetics stores, where specialized beauty advisors and make-up artists can inform and advise you on the products and their application. And for those of you, who are more demanding and want to know all the details in face care and make-up, Seventeen organizes and invites you to attend its special Beauty Seminars.

Seventeen is an international brand, a leader in its field since 1962 and, since then, constantly perfecting… the Art of Beauty!